Skin Cancer

Skin cancers are cancers that arise up from the skin. They are due to the development of extraordinary cells that have the ability to invade or unfold to other parts of the body. There are 3 fundamental types of skin cancers: basal-cell skin cancer (BCC), squamous-mobile skin cancer (SCC) and melanoma. The first one with a less  number of common pores and skin cancers, are called non melanoma pores and skin cancer (NMSC).Basal-mobile most cancers grows slowly and can harm the tissue round it but is not going to unfold to distant areas or bring about loss of life. It often seems as a painless raised area of skin that can be shiny with small blood vessel running over it or can also gift as a raised region with an ulcer. Squamous-cellular skin cancer is more likely to spread.

  • Basal cell skin cancer
  • Squamous cell skin cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Biopsy
  • Radio therapy
  • Vitiligo

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